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We’re bringing care to you. We’re breaking down barriers and extending our reach by opening new in-person locations across the country and expanding our teletherapy solutions. We know that making our treatment more accessible will get you eating better, sleeping better, talking better, breathing better and feeling better.


We’re transforming the treatment of airway dysfunction, speech, chewing, swallowing, and oropharyngeal disorders. Our approach combines cutting-edge techniques, personalized care plans, and the seamless integration of technology. We’re making care patient-centered, accessible, and effective, paving the way for the best possible outcomes.

Our story

BreatheWorks offers inclusive, accessible and remarkable care to everyone who needs it. We’ve been busy extending our reach by adding in-person locations and improving our teletherapy experience. Our proprietary therapy protocols eliminate the pain points and limitations of traditional and teletherapy only treatment options. After over 20 years of serving patients, our mission is the same, remarkable, compassionate, and whole-patient care for all. 

BreatheWorks was founded over two decades ago with the simple vision to break down barriers and stigmas surrounding airway health and wellness, and to expand access to care by offering a more convenient and effective alternative to traditional healthcare. We provide quality care without high costs, long wait times, or rigid scheduling. By improving our virtual experience and expanding our in-person locations, we can truly make good on our promise: care where you want it, when you want it. It’s that easy.

As the fastest growing speech and airway brand, BreatheWorks care model is driven by data, patient-focused and patient-first. Consistently delivering remarkable outcomes that are faster and better by creating a flexible, affordable and efficient process from assessment to outcome. Everyone can eat better, sleep better, talk better, breathe better, and feel better.

While telehealth has experienced significant growth recently, the need for in-person connections remains vital for many patients. We’re making good on our promise to meet our patients’ needs by both expanding our physical locations each year and continually improving our telehealth experience, ensuring we meet people exactly where they are. We’re coming to a city near you soon!

Why it works

Patient-centered, compassionate and empowering care is better. We’re cross-trained, highly collaborative, and driven by a passion for helping people feel better. Our curiosity pushes us to lead, innovate, and educate. We believe in evidence-based science, combined with openness to emerging treatments and age-old wisdom.

Results that thousands of patients are loving.

5.0 average rating

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Results that thousands of patients are loving.

5.0 average rating

“Debilitating TMJ pain was taking a toll on my daily life. Thanks to BreatheWorks, that's a thing of the past. Their whole patient approach gave me the relief that I hadn't experienced before. So grateful for their
expertise and care.”

mark j

“I went to stacey a few years ago and was very pleased with what she taught me. My breathing, posture, and the functions of my tongue and mouth have improved because of her help.”

Ginni K

“I was able to identify and begin correcting what was causing my speech impediment and have seen drastic improvement in my speech.”

Jacob M

“Excellent! I enjoyed working with Kate Crimmins and appreciate her gentle manner, expertise and professionalism. I learned what I need to work on and how we will proceed.”

Kent B

Everyone can eat better, sleep better, talk better, breathe better, and feel better.